President's Challenge

Obviously there was not a high level of participation in the President's Challenge this month, but Jerry Dawson compensated for that with volume.  He made a whole bowl of eggs.  Each egg has a small number on one end, and one egg has a list of those numbers, cross referenced to the type of wood.  Furthermore, I was told he is donating the bowl and eggs to the Club's booth at the Jackson International Food and Arts Festival in October.  All proceeds from the sales at that booth will be donated to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.  I failed to learn who won the challenge but since mine was the only other entry, I am exercising my editorial authority and declaring Jerry's bowl and eggs the winner.  Congratulations Jerry and thanks for being an early contributor to the festival booth.

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Jeff Brockett

Jeff Brockett of Mount Juliet, Tennessee was our demonstrator at the April meeting.  Jeff is a long time active member of the Tennessee Association of Woodturners and has held numerous positions in that club and worked on most all TAW Symposiums. He is now a board member and vice president of the American Association of Woodturners.  Jeff's subject was square edged platters.  He provided a lot of good tips on how to make one of these platters and as always a lot of good general wood turning advice.  Jeff has been a strong supporter of our club since the beginning, demonstrating here several times over the past years.  I think we would all agree that he does and excellent job every time.  Thanks Jeff.

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 Photography courtesy of Jerry Dawson

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